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Jensen 541 Engine

It is a common myth, even amongst 541 owners that their cars share the same engine as some of the Austin lorries. In writeups and articles in the classic car magazines the myth is perpetuated that Jensen used a lorry engine in their cars, which is simply not true.

engine block 3


Today I took a few photos to blow this myth once and for all. It is clear for all to see, cast into the block, 'AUSTIN 4 LITRE CAR'. The message can't be any clearer and if you try putting a lorry head on your car without any modifications then you're looking for trouble. I'm sure there are common parts between them but why risk it when there are still Austin Sheerlines around being broken for spares. The lorry engines look very similar externally but I think you'd be very disappointed with it's performance if you put one in your Jensen!     Now ask yourself, did Austin put their car engine in any lorries?